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We use a bunch of tools for everything from coding to graphics to art. If there's a tool you love, we can list it here for others to use.



We've used Unity in the past two Ludum Dare Jams and it is a great way to get a game up and running quickly.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio

Microsoft's XNA Game Studio is a programming environment designed to make games specific for Windows-based PCs, Xbox 360 consoles, and Windows phones.

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Game Engine is a very powerful and widespread engine for making all sorts of games, whether they're on mobile phones, consoles, or PCs.



Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool.


Store all of your Git and Mercurial source code in one place with unlimited private repositories. Includes issue tracking, wiki, and pull requests.


Pyxel Edit

A good alternative than to PS if you're doing pixel art and sprite sheets.

Music / Sound


Easy way to generate a wide range of sound effects.


A more advanced version of SFXR if you need a bit more control.


8-bit music tracker that's decently easy to use.

Books in the library

We've ordered quite a few books for the OU Library and are always asked for more titles. If there's one you'd like to read and it's not there, let us know!